Friday, August 30, 2013

Tale of the Tape, 1962

Here's a little oddity from the Packers' training camp in 1962:

Green Bay Packers center-linebacker Ken Iman (53), falls to the ground at center during a drill as training camp begins on the practice field across from new City Stadium in mid-July 1962. Quarterback John Roach (10) is at right. Press-Gazette archives
I don't know who #23 is, but look at the name taped across the back of his helmet. #23 wasn't in circulation in 1962, and there are only two players on the all-time roster with names ending in -sky, neither of which fit.

I'm guessing that it's Roger Holdinsky, back from West Virginia, who was the Packers' 15th round draft pick that season.

Here's another of the Packers' picks, also bearing his name in masking tape.

Green Bay Packers halfback Jerry Scattini (43), the team's 19th-round draft pick, and another player hit a blocking sled with running backs coach John "Red" Cochran aboard as training camp begins on the practice field across from new City Stadium in mid-July 1962. Press-Gazette archives
Neither Holdinsky nor Scattini ended up making the team.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1940 Packers/Giants Wire Photo

This wire photo gives us a look at the Packers/Giants game on November 17, 1940. Navy blue and gold against New York's royal blue and gray.


NEW YORK CITY - Len Barnum #10 of the Giants passes to Howell #21 for a 7 yard gain in the 1st period today.
In the center of the photo we can see guard Russ Letlow, number 46, tracking the ball. I can't quite make out the numbers on the other Packer players.

I presume, based on the brief caption, that this photo hit the wires before the end of the game. Unfortunately for Curly Lambeau and his boys, the Packers fell that day, 7 to 3.

The Packers finished the season second to the Chicago Bears in the Western Division with a 6–4–1 record. That tie came in Cleveland against the Rams, in the last weekend of the season. Had they been able to score just one more point in that game, they would have been tops in the division and gone to the championship game against Washington. The Bears went instead, and cruised to a 73–0 win and the World Championship. Who knows what would have happened had the Big Bay Blues been in that game?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1994 Team Photo

This team photo was handed out to the fans at Lambeau Field on their way in to see the Packers take on the Detroit Lions.

Despite the photo, the Packers wore their regular green-and-gold uniforms for the game.

The Packers won the game that day 16-12, holding the mighty Barry Sanders to minus-one yard rushing. The Green Bay Press-Gazette has a very good summary of the game.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The First Cover of the 2013 Season

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on one of Sports Illustrated's regional covers, his first cover appearance of the season.

How nice for Bellin Health that they're getting just a little payoff from their sponsorship agreement.

This is SI's fantasy preview, and they list Rodgers as their top-rated fantasy quarterback.

He's also well-covered inside the magazine, in an article entitled "Aaron Rodgers: The Voice of Wisconsin". Money quote:
Rodgers grew up in California and wasn't initially happy when he was chosen by Green Bay with the 24th pick in the 2005 draft since he expected to be drafted higher and Brett Favre was still the starter (and a legend) in Green Bay. And yet Rodgers now says, "I’m a Wisconsin guy. I’m here nine months out of the year. This is home for me." He adds, "People enjoy being able to see you at the Piggly Wiggly and say hello."

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A New Number 5

Several people have emailed me to report that there's a new player wearing Paul Hornung's #5.

This is Omarius Hines, an undrafted free agent WR out of Florida. He previously signed with the Baltimore Ravens on April 27, and was waived on July 22. The Packers picked him up on July 29.

Again, wide receivers are not eligible to wear single-digits (unless there has been an unannounced change in the rules), so even if Hines makes the roster I'd expect him in a different number by the beginning of the season.

There Can Be Only 1

Uh, oh.

Reader Tory Swanson emails me to point out that since backup quarterback Matt Brown has been waived, wide receiver Alex Gillett is now wearing Curly Lambeau's #1.

Gillett was originally issued #7, one of two players at the time to share it.

It's my understanding that WRs can't wear single digits, only 80-89, 40-49 (if all the eighties are taken) and 10-19. So this is likely only a training camp thing.

I hope.