Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Ugly, Chapter 2: Getting Uglier

Following up on the new prototype jerseys that the Packers have been testing in practice comes this article about the Pro Bowl jerseys:

Reebok tests "stretch mesh" jersey at NFL Pro Bowl

HONOLULU - National Football League players were outfitted on Sunday with Pro Bowl jerseys made from a new material Reebok is testing and believes can improve athletic performance.

The "stretch mesh" jerseys are nearly 20 percent lighter than the standard NFL jersey and aim to allow for more range of motion, better ventilation and temperature control.

If all goes well, a number of teams will use the material next season.

The jerseys are also supposed to provide better fit and comfort, but don't tell that to New York Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins.

The 6-foot-4, 349-pound Jenkins first put on his AFC jersey for photo day and practice Friday, and it appeared two XL sizes too small, looking more like a crop top.

"I've been holding my breath since the pictures," Jenkins said.
And this great video from NBC's coverage of the game:

Don't mince words, Kris. How do you really feel? This highlights one of the concerns I've had about the move to spandex unitards: for every cut wide receiver on the field for any given play, there are several linemen who won't be exactly flattered by the body-paint look.

I'm very wary about the new jerseys. Design-wise, I'm wary about everything that has anything to do with the Pro Bowl:

The worst thing about moving the Pro Bowl to the week before Super Bowl is that the game, and its uniforms, will be much harder to ignore. Which I guess is the point from the NFL's perspective but sure seems like a lose-lose to me.

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