Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Forgery Surfaces

In a previous post, I've discussed how Grey Flannel Auctions created 36 phony "team issued" Favre jerseys. These get out into the market and get represented, either through ignorance or outright fraud, as legitimate.

Well, one of them is currently up for auction on eBay. Here's what the seller has to say:
1994 Brett Favre Game Issued Throwback Jersey Packers

You are bidding on a very RARE 1994 Brett Favre Game Issued Throwback jersey. These jerseys were wore for one game in the 1994 season and that game was on Monday Night Football at the Chicago Bears on Halloween night in a monsoon rain storm. Jersey has all proper tagging, on the inside there is the Made In Berlin,WI and the Starter tag, all numbers name and patches are sewn on. Comes with a COA paper from the Packers Equipment Manager Gordon Batty, that states he provided Grey Flannel with the remainder of the 1994 jersey. Jersey is framed right now, but it is not included. Shipping is $12.00. I accept paypal only. Payment must be received within 5 days after auction end. Please check my other auctions running right now, as I am selling my Packers collection.

Misleading, at best.

The seller does include a pic of the original team letter, which is just vague enough for someone who doesn't know the whole story. Nowhere does the auction listing mention "repurposed" or disclose that this "team issued Favre jersey" was issued by the Packers... but not to Brett Farve.

I don't know if this is an oversight, or a deliberate attempt to deceive, but the potential for confusion is very, very high.

This appears to be the exact same jersey which sold on eBay a few months ago. I really hope that the buyer knows what he's getting.

As an aside, it also appears that a Denver-area memorabilia dealer did something similar at the time, buying the remaining blank 1994 Broncos throwback stock and outfitting them with Elway numbers and nameplates. He went one step further and had Elway autograph the new jerseys in exchange for giving Elway a certain number of them. At least we know for certain Grey Flannel only made three dozen Favre "gamers".

If you're considering buying a Favre game-worn or team-issued jersey, do a lot of homework. Too many frauds out there. Given recent history, I wouldn't accept any Favre jersey unless it had been authenticated by Guy Hankel, or the fellows at MEARS. Pretty limited pool of experts I'd trust with these.

Caveat always emptor.

UPDATE: $662.52 final bid. I really hope the buyer knows what he or she bought.

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This Jersey strikes again! It is for sale on eBay right now