Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glimpse of the Future at the Pro Shop

Reader Tim O'Donnell recently visited the Packers Pro Shop in Lambeau Field and sent these pictures featuring the Packers' new alternate uniform in display.

This 1929 throwback will be worn during the 2010 season (and which, under the NFL's current uniform regulations, will remain the team's only alternate through 2014):

I admit, the brown helmet is really growing on me.

Love the no-whites look, although it's not strictly authentic. Players of the day did wear white sanitaries, just rolled very low to show as much team color as possible:

The Reebok details don't bother me as much as they have in the past. The vector logo doesn't seem quite as intrusive when rendered in gold.

I could, however, do without the ugly and misleading "NFL EQUIPMENT" logo. The modern shield is a sharp design, easily identifiable at a distance. It defines the NFL brand across all platforms; why isn't it considered strong enough to stand on its own on the uniforms?

On the whole, this uniform is a nice compromise between the classic style and modern requirements. I think Johnny Blood would be proud.

No word yet on the specific games we'll see this uniform on the field.

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