Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making National News

The Packers' new throwback uniforms were a topic of discussion on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" last night, guest-hosted by columnists Dan Le Betard and Bob Ryan of the Miami Herald and Boston Globe, respectively.

During the "Report Card" segment program of the show, the sportswriters had this to say:

Host Tony Reali: The Packers' new uniforms, or alternate uniforms, let's get a grade on that.

Bob Ryan: Now, I don't usually care too much about this stuff. But this, these are uniforms that probably they wore in the 20s. And it's the Green Bay Packers, who have been in existence since 1920, I give this an A+. If they wear these uniforms - I hope they do it actually against the Bears, and make them wear it too - I think this is sensational.

Dan Le Betard: They're doing it against the Niners. I wish they would do this also, just keep going with this, what else can they do? Leather helmets, no facemasks, what else -

Ryan: Nah, stop it.

Le Betard: What?

Ryan: Stop with this. But this is good.

Le Betard: No. Why? You like the old throwbacks.

Ryan: I don't want any people getting hurt with leather helmets.

Le Betard: Keep going! This is all a profitable gesture, right? This is all about making money, is it not? So that's the only - I guess that would be the only negative.

Ryan: I give it an A. A A A A A!

Le Betard: A-minus.

Ryan's slightly shaky history aside (although "1920" is an improvement over the NFL-approved 1921), I have to agree. Sure, this is about making money. Virtually everything the NFL does is. But if raising awareness of the Bays' rich sartorial history is merely an unintended side-effect, I'm all for it. subscribers can watch the clip here.

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