Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pitchers and Catchers Report?

This training camp screenshot comes from the collection of Robert Harvell, auction director at GUU Auctions.
"That's from the Packers' training camp, circa early '60s. Apparently typical football pads weren't enough for the hard-hitting packers — they had to resort to catcher’s gear as well! I'm not sure if those are special leg pads or simply two more chest protectors wrapped around each leg."
Anybody seen anything like that before?

I always love seeing Lombardi in that interlocking "GB" cap.

UPDATED: "Mr. Lambeau" at the incredible PACKERVILLE, U.S.A blog took this screencap from HBO's new Lombardi documentary, giving us a look at the pads in color:

(h/t: Robert Harvell, UniWatch, PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.)

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