Sunday, October 3, 2010

"If Found, Please Return to..."

Reader Jeremy Weber sent in this great tip from yesterday's game (and Tim O'Donnell has added a clearer photo).

Last year, the Packers added small green identification numbers to the back of the helmet. It appears that they have altered the style for this season, seen here on punter Tim Masthay.

Don't know about this. Although adding the name may make identification easier, it seems as though putting the number in the oval will make it harder to read. This is obviously intended for the players and not fans (unless this is some brilliant/cynical ploy to "authenticate" game-worn items for the team's charity auctions), but even on HD this blurs to an indistinguishable green blob at any distance.

Not to mention it further clutters the alread-overcrowded real estate. Do we really need five separate decals on the back of each helmet?


Anonymous said...

That's six tags including the 'Packers" wordmark or if you include the helmets' waring label

Chance Michaels said...

Speaking of which, doesn't the warning label seem a little unnecessary? Can't the pros just sign a waiver or something?

Packerfannyc said...

The original 'G' logo, designed by George Braisher in 1961, is a work of art -- much superior, in my view, to the current logo. The original logo was a bit elongated -- particularly on the left side of the 'G' -- and was depicted in a football-shaped background, as opposed to a standard ellipse, as is used today. Can't we return to that logo? After all, this was the logo that was used by the great Packer teams of the 1960s...really, it's so much more beautiful than the one used today!