Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Am I Blue?

In advance of Saturday's throwback game, Packers.com has been given a makeover, to reflect the team's temporary new/old color scheme:
Clicking through the splash page reveals even more blue and gold glory:
I love it when they do things like this - NFL.com frequently swaps out the team logos with throwback versions in the week leading up to Thanksgiving throwbacks and events like last year's AFL anniversary tributes.

The Packers have also posted a great video of team seamstress Marge Switzer (who was profiled two years ago on Uni Watch) preparing the blue jerseys for game action. It's a rare look behind the uniform scenes. Fun fact: it takes an estimated 105 to 140 hours to customize and prepare the throwback uniforms for their single game's action.

I'm also intrigued that the helmets are brand new; unlike many teams which introduce alternate helmets in training camp, equipment manager Red Batty has to break them in just days before their first game.

There's also a wonderful photo gallery of Switzer and Batty customizing and prepping the equipment.

I'm going to really love this game.

Each player will be issued two uniforms; a backup he can keep for himself, and the game uniform which will be kept by the club for purposes as yet unknown. I really hope the Packers auction them off after the season - for those of us who love Packers history, this could be the centerpiece of a collection.

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