Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Bowl Ring Ceremony Announced

Looks like the lockout hasn't stopped the Packers from moving forward with the championship ring design.

Today, the team announced details of the ring ceremony, including the date.

The Packers will receive their Super Bowl XLV championship rings on Thursday, June 16, at the Lambeau Field Atrium, the team announced on its website this afternoon.

The Packers received an exemption from the NFL regarding the league's no-contact policy between players and management, should the NFL lockout still be in effect.

"We're looking forward to having an evening for the players, coaches and organization to recognize the victory in Super Bowl XLV," Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said.

"It was an extraordinary season and the players earned their rings in very exciting fashion. We’re going to celebrate all the hard work that went into the championship. We’re excited for the evening."

It will mark the first time team members have gathered together since the welcome celebration at Lambeau Field on Feb. 8, two days after the Super Bowl.
No word yet on the design, but we'll stay tuned.

Mike Vandermause notes, in his Press-Gazette column, that the Packers will be inviting all players from the 2010 team, including those who have since left the organization. This is a change from the 1997 policy, in which notable free agents such as Chris Jacke, Andre Rison and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard weren't invited to the traditional championship celebration at the White House and weren't on the original list to attend the ring ceremony at Oneida Golf and Country Club.

A very classy move from the Packers this time around. Looks like they've learned from the Super Bowl team photo debacle.

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