Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Carry a Badge

Interesting news from the Green Bay Police Department:


Green Bay police wear new Green Bay Packers-inspired badges

Officers sport Super-Bowl themed marks of honor

Some Green Bay police have begun sporting a slightly different look, courtesy of the city's championship football team.

A new badge bearing the Green Bay Packers logo began appearing this past week on some officers' uniforms. Gold lettering on the badge proclaims, "Green Bay Police" and "Super Bowl Champions, XLV." Smaller green letters remind people of the city's status as "Titletown, U.S.A."

Department leaders authorized the creation of the badge this year after the team won its fourth Super Bowl title. Officers may purchase the badges for use until next August. Officers also may elect to wear the department's traditional badge.

— Doug Schneider/Press-Gazette
Where are they going to put the badge number?

For comparison, the "traditional badge" is just that:


I remember a special New Orleans Police Department badge commemorating Super Bowl XXXI. Those appear on the collectors' market from time to time; wonder when we'll see these new badges show up in private collections. Anyone know Wisconsin law on the legality of collecting police memorabilia?

UPDATE 10/19: The new badges have started to appear on GBPD officers, including those conducting gameday security checks at Lambeau Field:

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