Thursday, October 20, 2011

1965 World Championship Ring (Yellow Gold)

Earlier this year, we took a look at a 1965 World Championship ring in 10K white gold, sold at auction by Sotheby's.

Heritage Auctions now offers us a look at the same ring in the yellow gold, with this exemplar up for auction:

Heritage Auctions

1965 NFL Championship Green Bay Packers "Jostens" Ring.    Vince Lombardi's third NFL Championship as Green Bay Packers head coach was a memorable one. After failing to make it to the big game in the previous two seasons, the Hall of Fame head coach committed to the play that he basically perfected over the years, the Packers sweep. His team would stay dedicated to its hard-nosed rushing attack in the 1965 NFL Championship Game versus the Cleveland Browns, which would be league's first championship contest televised in color, and would later be recognized as Jim Brown's final game. Offered here is an absolutely sparkling 1965 championship ring, which represents Packers board member L. J. Kelly's contribution to that memorable team. The presented ring is an original Josten's replacement ring, which was issued to Kelly's family in 1994 after his original was misplaced. Copies of the Josten's paperwork, stating what the replacement cost would be, in addition to a copy of the invoice for the replacement are included. The "[size] 9 1/2" ring, consisting of 10k white gold, a green Tourmaline base stone and .50 ct round brilliant cut diamond in the center, was made to nearly the exact specifications as the original. "Kelly" is stamped on its left shank and the championship contest score on the right. This fabulous piece of Packers history exhibits Mint quality and is a rare chance to obtain a former team member's prized jewelry. Guide Value or Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000.
Heritage Auctions

I am grateful, as always, to Heritage for their fantastic auction photos. They are an invaluable help in chronicling the Packers' history.

Heritage Auctions

Here's that view of Lambeau Field again:

Heritage Auctions

It's my favorite design element on this ring, and I'm very glad that the Packers repeated it for their Super Bowl XLV rings.

The auction description reads "10k white gold", but the photos appear to indicate otherwise.

Heritage Auctions

Although the style appears to be identical to the original rings, as a replacement this can't tell us about the metals offered at the time.

I wonder if any yellow gold rings were issued in 1966? We'll have to see if any others appear in the public eye.

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