Monday, November 7, 2011

I Can't Even See the Ribbon

Yep, this is where we've come.

Following up on the NFL's annual "pink alert" event, the NFL has unveiled these ribbon logos as part of an annual "Salute to Service" campaign that will occur each November, around Veterans Day.

No word yet if this ribbon logo will be worn on the helmets, as the pink ribbons were, or as a jersey patch like the 9/11 tribute logo. The Packers managed to avoid that last one due to their Thursday night game, but hosting the Monday Night Football game after Veterans Day means that they'll be front-and-center for this one.

It also seems ironic to me that the yellow ribbon, for decades the accepted symbol for military support, is apparently insufficient. We now need digi-camo. But then again, a yellow ribbon is much harder to copyright.

Yes, this is in a good cause. They're all good causes. But I'm definitely well along with "good cause" fatigue. At this rate, we'll have a designated cause for every month of the season, with the NFL shield prominently displayed everywhere. It seems very self-serving and self-aggrandizing.

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