Sunday, June 24, 2012

Living Color, Part II

As many of you know, Uni Watch runs a photo colorization gallery on weekends. This one was published today:
Next up is prodigious colorizer John Turney, who has one that a certain other dinner companion with Paul & Conn reader will no doubt appreciate:

End LaVern (Lavvie) Dilweg is seen here modeling one of the lesser-known uniforms in the Packers’ historical closet.

The pants are described as “faded blue canvas”, the first time the Packers moved away from gold or canvas-colored trousers. Finishing off the look is a pair of gold socks with two navy blue stripes.

This uniform was worn for two seasons, 1927 and 1928, before being replaced by the famous “circle” 1929 uniforms.

From Packers uniform blogspot, the pants are the right color.

–John Turney
Great stuff, John.
I couldn't agree more. Outstanding work! The blue jersey/blue pants/gold socks is such an unusual combination.

Turney sends other examples of this work, including this gorgeous shot of the Packers playing the Rams at Marquette Stadium in 1952:

Love the autumnal color on the trees. I think that dark green/metallic gold Packers combination is highly under-rated.

He also sends this beauty of Verne Lewellen in the 1929-1930 uniform:

Outstanding work all around. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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