Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No, TO is NOT a Packer Backer

A reader sends us this picture from today's Uni Watch:

"What the heck is this? Did TO work out with the Packers?"
It sure looks like Terrell Owens is wearing a Packers shirt to his press conference:

The logo is actually for a new sportswear company, G-Rip Apparel.

As one might expect from Mr. Owens, the shirt choice wan't accidental, but rather self-promoting. G-Rip Apparel was founded by Owens and Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson.

This particular compression shirt will no doubt be available soon for purchase.

And the logo? Well, at the moment the company is implying that the logo similarilty isn't exactly an accident.

You stay classy, Owens.

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Aleks said...

Why on the modern GB-shirts is missing "G"- logo and and other characters/symbols belonging to the team?