Monday, January 14, 2013

We've Got a Logo For That

Uni Watch ran this item today:
The Packers' travel gear included a new logo just for the coaches’ equipment. Never seen that one before.
I haven't seen it either, but it sure is a beauty.

The logo is obviously based upon the bronze statue of Vince Lombardi, sculpted by Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany, that stands outside the entrance to Lambeau Field's atrium.

While I hadn't seen that specific logo before, I was aware that the Packers recently introduced a whole series of roundel logos for various departments within the organization.

You can see the Equipment Department logo in that photo above, with the "Holstein Heisman" logo proudly displayed in the center.

Our blogging colleague Mr. Lambeau, of the must-read Packerville, U.S.A., has graciously agreed to share with me some outstanding photos he took of the sideline at Lambeau Field this past season. There we can see some of the other departmental logos in use.

From the pre-season game against Cleveland, we have this shot of equipment personnel getting the gear ready. There's the "Equipment Dept." logo again:

Packerville, U.S.A.
Also check out the black case on the right; that's the same logo found on all radio-equipped helmets since 2008.

The Equipment Department puts its logo on all its travel cases.

Packerville, U.S.A.
Equipment bags feature the team's classic Lombardi-era logo with the team's name circling it.

Packerville, U.S.A.
The Video Department's roundel (black case, bottom left) features the same basic layout, but in the center has an old-style movie camera emblazoned with Dad Braisher's "G" logo.

Packerville, U.S.A.
I also love the "Packers Field Video" decals on the folding chairs, incorporating the team's classic stencil wordmark and what looks like the NFL's standard new font.

I can't read the department name on the blue case in the photo below, but the roundel indicates that it belongs to the audio or communications department, with a coach's headset and mic:

Packerville, U.S.A.
That makes four roundel logos of which I'm aware:

There are undoubtedly others we haven't yet seen. I'll see what I can find.

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Johnny O said...

Great stuff as usual Chance.

I knew I stumbled upon something when I saw that Lombardi Coach's logo this past weekend.

I also love that my "Holstein Heisman" name has caught on. Maybe I should trademark that...hmmmm

Keep up the great work.