Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Monday Night Miracle", or "He did WHAT?!" is currently holding a vote for "Greatest Play of All Time", and one up for discussion comes from Green Bay Packers history.

That play is the "Monday Night Miracle". November 6, 2000, the Packers hosting the Vikings on a cold and rainy evening. The game was 20-20 at the end of regulation and went into overtime. On their first possession in overtime, Brett Favre's pass to Antonio Freeman was deflected off Minnesota defender Chris Dishman and then again off Freeman's shoulder before he snagged it with a fingertip catch. Freeman had the presence of mind to realize that the ball was live, and he hopped up and sprinted into the endzone to seal the victory before most of the Vikings realized what happened.

Ah, that magical year of 2000. The teams were identified as "VIKES" and "PACK" in ABC's scorebug, and Dennis Miller was a color commentator on Monday Night Football.

The call by Al Michaels still resonates with Packer fans: "He did WHAT?!" worked up this infographic commemorating the moment:

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