Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What's "the Greatest Uniform in NFL History"?

NFL.com's "Uniform Monitor", Dave Dameshek, is now running a bracket-style poll to determine the "Greatest Uniform in NFL History".

The Packers have two entries. Their regular uniforms are the 5 seed in the NFC Uniforms Bracket:

The 2010 throwbacks (which will make their first appearance since 2011 this season) are the 16 seed in the NFC Throwback Bracket:

Interestingly, in both brackets the Packers are matched up with the Philadelphia Eagles (regular and 1961 throwbacks).

The voting process is a little confusing; there are checkboxes for each team but no "vote" button, nor is there any indication that the vote has been counted. I've looked in two different browsers but don't see any sort of confirmation. Head on over to NFL.com and tell me what I'm missing here.

We'll continue to give updates as the brackets progress.

Packer fans have come through before, securing nine consecutive victories in the Chunky Soup "Click for Cans" promotion before it was shut down. Time to do it again!

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