Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Look at the Steroid Stripes

Over on the Chris Creamer boards, a user named "slats7" posted a new look at the enlarged Braisher stripes worn by the Packers last weekend in San Francisco.

Although we've seen that some players were wearing the older (narrower) stripes, from this screencap it sure seems as though most of the team is wearing the enlarged version.

You can really see the contrast with the 49ers' Braisher stripes in this shot of Clay Matthews:

I have to say that I really prefer their version to ours. Theirs are in better proportion with the helmet stripes, which is what makes Braisher stripes so aesthetically pleasing. That's ironic, since the current 49ers is a throwback to the Montana-era uniform, which was notable for engorged pant stripes:

Personally, I hope the Packers revert to a more classic look:

Small details make all the difference.

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Vaultsuit said...

Come on... This is non issue... Look here:
There are probably two types of pants, ones are less stretchy, and others are more. That's it. The more burning issue are compression garments - they need to make em the same color as jerseys. Also receivers still have short pants, i told ya!