Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1934 Wadham's team photo

Well, the Packers have started their off-season a little early again. At least we can comfort ourselves by wallowing in the team's rich and glorious history.

This 1934 photo seems as a good place as any to start.

Back row:—Coach Lambeau, Jorgenson, Bultman, Kurth, Dilweg, Rose, Seibold, Peterson, Jones, Norgard, Asst. Coach Earpe.
Middle row:—Witte, Evans, Laws, Herber, Michalske, Goldenberg, Bruder, Schwammel, Perry.
Front row:—Monnett, Gantenbein, Barrager, Hinkle, Grove.
Beautiful team photo by Stiller, and I love the Art Deco numbers on each side.

The Packers are pictured in the plain blue jerseys they adopted in 1931; their first green jerseys were still four years in the future.

On the back, a schedule for the 1934 season and an ad for Wadham's Oil, a Milwaukee-based oil and gasoline company which at the time had over one hundred filling stations across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Wadham's sponsored "Sports Reports" on WTMJ in Milwaukee, covering news of the Packers and the American Association's Milwaukee Brewers baseball club.

1934 was not a great year for the Packers, who finished 7-6-0, third place behind the 13-0 Chicago Bears (who themselves went on to lose to the New York Giants in the second NFL Championship Game, now known as "The Sneakers Game". Scant consolation, I suspect, for fans of the Blues back in 1934.

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