Monday, September 28, 2015

Photo Gallery: Packers Locker Room has a great photo gallery of the Packers' locker room at Lambeau Field, ready for tonight's Monday Night Football matchup against the Chiefs.

The lockers are all laid out neatly; shoulder pads in the cubby above, jersey front and center, pants to the side. Everybody gets a copy of the game program.

The lockers aren't entirely uniform, though; there are minor differences between them. Some of the players also have their socks laid out on the shelf, white sanitary and green uniform sock.

Others have gloves hanging up, apparently still in their Nike packaging.

And of course, at the end of the row, we find the locker belonging to Aaron Rodgers.

You can see the "Holstein Heisman" logo on the jock tag of what looks like his laundry bag. They've been using it more and more since re-introducing it five seasons ago.

The locker room just doesn't look right when empty. It's an eerily calm scene in a room that will become bursting with activity in a few short hours.

Check out the whole gallery at the link.

(Photo credit: Ryan Hartwig,

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