Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Golden Ghost's Golden Socks?

This photo shows Tony Canadeo, the "Gray Ghost", during his final season.

Tony Canadeo veteran Green Bay Packer halfback, bolts 10 yards for a touchdown in Packers' 42-14 victory over Dallas Texans here, Sunday Dec. 1, 1952, in Green Bay second quarter. Canadeo, honored by fans on his special day, also caught a pass for TD and led both teams in ground gaining. (Associated Press)
Metallic gold helmet, gold jersey, pants, and socks, all with green stripes. Or are they?

The socks are of particular interest to me; photos from the period tend to show green socks with gold stripes.

Is it possible that what we see here is a green sock with two gold stripes, the white sanitaries pulled up to the bottom of the second gold stripe, making it look as though the gold continues underneath?

That's certainly very possible, although it doesn't explain the top of the sock. It sure looks in this photo as though there is light-colored material, presumably gold, above the top green stripe. Perhaps Canadeo is wearing some sort of strap, as Don Hutson is in this photo:

Again, more research is needed.

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