Monday, January 9, 2017

Bart Starr Rookie Card, 1957

In honor of Bart Starr's 83rd birthday today, we take a quick look at his rookie card from Topps:

I can only presume that #42 jersey he's wearing comes from a practice session. The colorization itself is a bit off, with the three gold Northwestern stripes combined into one large one. Still, unusual to see Bart in anything other than green and gold.

This card is from 1957, his second season in the league. Football cards were a small percentage of the company's business in the 1950s, and it was therefore not uncommon for untested rookies to be passed over. Especially a 17th-round pick. Bart was deemed worthy in his sophomore season, however, leading to this card.

Card collector Bob Lemke corrected this injustice with this custom card in the 1956 style.

Ah, there's the familiar #15.

It's very nice work. Worthy of a legend, who obviously wasn't recognized as such when he joined the Packers.

And Happy Birthday Bart. Thanks for all the memories.

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