Monday, September 11, 2017

The Newest White Shoe Firm

This weekend, the Packers opened their season by beating the Seattle Seahawks 17-9 at Lambeau Field. And I bet that you were so happy to have the Packers back that you didn't notice the newest change to the Packers' uniforms.

Do you see it? Granted, it's subtle. So subtle I couldn't find a better picture to show you. Now take a look at Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

See it yet?

White shoes.

Until this season, the NFL required players to wear cleats in team colors and either black shoes or white. That latter choice was made by the team for the entire roster, and the Packers have been black since 2008 (and the earliest days of this blog). For 2017, the league has relaxed that rule, meaning black and white shoes can be worn interchangeably.

A minor change, to be sure. But when you're cataloging a team as constant as the Packers, you take the changes where you can find them.

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