Saturday, June 18, 2011

2010 Shareholder Ring

We've seen the 2010 player World Championship rings, and now we have our first look at the shareholder rings.

The bezel looks good. Bold, clean, with "WORLD CHAMPIONS" and "SHAREHOLDER" surrounding the "G" logo. The stones are available in cubic zirconia or diamond.

On one shank, we have the Lombardi trophy under the classic Packers stencil wordmark.

This looks good. Similar to the player rings.

The second shank has a customizable name (up to 12 characters), the Shareholder logo and the year.

Here's where they lost me. It seems a shame to trade Lambeau Field for the shareholder logo. The logo, introduced a couple years ago, has always struck me as fairly pointless, and the "Est. 1923" is problematic. While it might be technically correct, in that 1923 was the year the Packers were re-formed as a public company, the Packers already use a different establishment date.

If the Packers really wanted an establishment date, 1919 is the best choice. For either 1921, the year the Packers joined the NFL, or 1923, the year of the first stock sale, "Since" would make more sense. Pet peeve of mine.

These rings start at $399 for White Lustrium® and cubic zirconia, and go up to $2400 for 10k white gold and diamonds. They are available only to shareholders, and only through the Packers Pro Shop.

Ring photo credit: Jostens


Peabody said...

13 stones in the G for championships... Does anyone have any insight as to what the other 10 stones are for?

Anonymous said...

because we have 13 total nfl championships.

Anonymous said...

Well, 4 of the 13 are for Super Bowl wins (I, II, XXXI, XLV) - the other 9 are for world championships before the AFL and NFL played in '66

Chance Michaels said...

Yes, the thirteeen stones within the "G" represent the thirteen total World Championships.

I think Peabody's talking about the ten stones on the bezel, five above and five below the "G" logo. And that one I don't have a good explanation for.

Anonymous said...

the 10 others rocks are for the next ten years of Rodgers and Co!

Lombardi Chick said...

For anyone who's curious: I'm a shareholder, and I received the women's ring yesterday (exactly like the women's fan ring, but it says "SHAREHOLDER" on it in place of the bottom row of diamonds under the "G"). I got it slightly less than six weeks from the day I ordered, no ship notice, no just showed up.

I ordered the white gold with diamonds since I figured it would be an heirloom for someone in my family, along with my stock.

For the price, I expected it to be a lightweight piece, sort of small in size - but it's very substantial, and truly stunning. There are a lot of small diamonds (13 in the "G" for the championships, 4 on each side I suppose to represent the Lombardi trophies, and a long row across the top) so it gleams beautifully in the sun.

I've heard the Lustrium is very nice, wears well, and is easy to keep clean - and good quality CZ's are every bit as beautiful as real stones (if not more) - so either way you decide to go, I think you'll be very, very happy. I know I am.

The people who've seen mine so far have been blown away by it.

Anonymous said...

An original shareholder gave me this card


40grams (1.4oz) 10K white gold
3.3 carats of diamonds
13 Diamonds on the "g" represent 13 championships
4 Larger diamond on the "G" represent four Superbowls (1967,1968,1997,2010)
10 Diamonds around the "G" represent 10 decades of existence as a football organization.

hope it helps.

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Unknown said...

My daughter wanted to purchase the ring for her fiance since he's a shareholder and her dad LOVES his ring! They said they are no longer available for purchase. Is this true?????

Chance Michaels said...

I'm afraid so. They were available for about a year and then taken out of production.