Monday, October 17, 2011

The Thin Blue (and Gold) Line

Another year, another "Acme Packers" throwback.

This season, it was a convincing victory over the winless St. Louis Rams. Aaron Rodgers had a lot to smile about this Sunday, and it wasn't just the comfortable pants. The Packers are defending their thirteenth World Championship in style, from the 6-0 start to the "re-created 1929 uniforms".

Unlike last year's overcast affair, the sun broke through yesterday, allowing the navy and gold to pop in the bright light.

Although this was an October game, we were spared the official NFL pink accessories. I don't remember seeing Clay Matthews in the gold-trimmed cleats before.

And who's that wearing a similar pair in the background?

Shame that the Rams didn't wear their white pants; awful lot of navy blue on the field.

Just like last year, the coaches also got in on the act.

Nice, but I'm not a fan of the "AP" logo the Packers created last year for this throwback. It's neither period-authentic nor a great design.

The Packers didn't use a logo at all during this period, except for the gold "ACME PACKERS" wordmark on their navy jerseys. I understand that the Packers probably don't consider that sufficiently merchandisable (although couldn't they have at least used a sans-serif font?), but if they're going to create a logo I'd rather they use something like the old-school football helmet from this cap:

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