Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mean Green Machine, Part II

After overhauling their uniforms for 1935, the Packers kept their kelly green and gold uniforms for a second season.

They are pictured here in the Sunday color section of The Milwaukee Journal from September 20, 1936, in advance of their Week Two contest against the Bears:

THE GREEN BAY PACKERS didn't come far from the national professional league championship last year and the 1936 team, shown above, is determined to do even better. They play their traditional game with the Chicago Bears at Green Bay today. In the lower row are Gantenbein, end; Scherer, end; Hinkle, back; Gordon, tackle; Letlow, guard; Butler, center; Rose, end; Smith, tackle; Engebretsen, guard; and Monnett, back.

Second row players are Eiduayan, guard; Paulekas, guard; Paul Miller, back; Mattos, back; Croft, guard; Oliver, back; Prime Miller, tackle; Clemens, back and Bruder, back.

In the third row are Laws, back; Herber, back; Kiesling, guard; Sauer, back; Becker, end; Agatore, tackle; Svendsen, center and Johnston, back.

Left to right in the fourth row are Trainer Woodward; Schneidman, back; Goldenburg, back; Evans, guard; and Hutson, end. On top are Coach Lambeau; Schwammel, tackle; Seibold, tackle; and Asst. Coach Smith.
These Packers would lose and lose badly to the Bears that day, 30 to 3. Curly's boys would bounce back, and that would be their only loss of the season, as they rolled to a 15-1-2 record and their fourth World Championship.

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