Monday, December 21, 2009

The Golden Ghost

Here we see Tony Canadeo, the Gray Ghost, modeling one of the Packers' most unusual uniforms - gold over gold.

This was part of Coach Ronzani's rotating series of mix and match uniforms. Here are the all-golds in action against the Lions:

How likely is it that we could see the Packers in gold/gold/gold again? Well, the Packers have been selling a gold fashion jersey for years.

Of course, this is just merchandising. The Packers have never expressed any inclination towards wearing them on the field. But plans can change.

It wouldn't be unheard of; the NFL is no stranger to fashion faux pas. Even the once-reliable Black and Blue Division has had its share of regrettable choices in recent years. And we all know the Packers aren't immune.

NFL uniform regulations allow for alternate jerseys, so long as they remain within the team's color palette. So no problem there. The team would then have to keep it as the only alternate for five years. It's not likely the Packers would adopt another alternate during that period, so again, no problem.

If the Packers were to make this a real alternate and not just a fashion jersey, they'd have yet another set of mismatched sleeve stripes that need fixing. Hopefully, it'll never get that far.

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