Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Auction Gold, Part II - Another Hutson Jersey?

Following up on my previous post concerning extant Packers jerseys from the 1940s, I heard a rumor yesterday that another is about to surface.

The word is that Robert Edward Auctions' Spring 2009 auction will include... a Don Hutson jersey.

Robert Edward Auctions is the same outfit which auctioned off the Ken Keuper jersey last year - they only do one auction a year, but sure seem to make them count. And if true, this would make three known Hutson jerseys: one in Canton, one in the Packers Hall of Fame in Green Bay, and one in private hands.

More details as they become available - bidding begins approximately April 10, and the auction ends May 2, 2009.

Man, I'd love to own this. An authentic gamer from the greatest Packer of them all? But something tells me that it'll be just a little out of my price range. Estimates put it perhaps upwards of $100K. Ten times what the Ken Keuper jersey brought at auction last year.

Heck, if nothing else - we should get some great photos out of it. Exemplars from this period are awfully hard to come by.

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