Thursday, April 2, 2009

Auction Gold, Part III - You Don't Tug On Superman's Cape

The sideline cape is a uniquely "football" garment. It speaks of cold November games. Players on the sideline, waiting for their turn on the field. Easily cast off onto the ground, as numbers are called and the men rush into the fray.

Because capes weren't worn on the field, they managed to survive for many years. In the case of the Packers, they were still wearing their 1940s/1950s capes well into the Lombardi era, the last vestige of the blue and gold color combination.

Several times in the past several years, these sideline capes have come up for auction. I know of three recent auctions:
  • American Memorabilia, ended 10/18/2007 - sold for $1,902
  • Mastro Auctions, ended 11/24/2008 - sold for $1,400.
  • eBay, ended 01/13/2009 - opening bid $4,500 (unsold)
  • the same item relisted on eBay, ended 02/02/2009 - opening bid $3,999.99 (unsold)

I love those guys at Titletown Nostalgia, but they're aiming way too high with their opening bid. They've had that cape for sale at that price on their website for years with no takers, the market seems pretty clear that the actual value is less than two thousand dollars.

Aside from those auction photos, there's one in the Hall of Fame in Canton:

So much cooler than a sideline jacket.

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