Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Complete Packers Helmet History. More or Less.

The NFL shop is currently selling this long-sleeved tee, which they're styling as the "Reebok Green Bay Packers Helmet History T-Shirt":

The complete Packers helmet history, right there on your chest. Kinda. Well, if you don't count the first four decades.  Or the 1950s white helmets.  But hey, at least they managed to acknowledge something from before the Ice Bowl.

I really hope that's an old product - "87 years of Packers football" and all that. Because if that shirt isn't from 2006, then they're counting from 1921, and we're back to ignoring the pre-NFL days. I thought we had gotten beyond that.

There's an interesting debate brewing on Uni Watch right now over the Detroit Lions version of the shirt, which seems to have some historical inaccuracies (it's not clear if the Lions ever painted their helmets gold, and even if they did that wasn't the year listed).

The Packers version does seem a pretty good review of everything from the post-leather days, but I can't quite make out some of the helmets from this promotional picture, and curiously enough they've included the 1994 throwback helmet but not the 2001 throwback. Guess one-offs don't make the cut.

In any case, I'm pretty sure that satisfying my curiosity isn't worth $21.99. Even if it is "$4.99 Standard Ground Shipping Eligible!" And especially since I'd never actually wear the thing.

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