Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Mystery - "Lombardi on the rocks"?

While doing some research on the New York Times website for an upcoming post, I came across this February 4, 1969 article about Vince Lombardi's defection to Washington.

Something in the first sentence struck me:

Not the per capita number of bars in Green Bay; that shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody (especially since Curly Lambeau used the area's lax enforcement of Prohibition as a recruiting tool in the early days), but by the mention of a drink named after Vince Lombardi.

What the heck is a "Lombardi on the rocks"? Anybody come across this one before? Is that anything like a "Milwaukee martini," slang for beer with a Spanish olive? Perhaps a little creative license on Eskenazi's part? Or was there a real local cocktail named in Lombardi's honor?

I really hope it's the latter. If anybody can shed some light (or even better, can supply a recipe), please drop me a line.

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