Monday, January 25, 2010

The Spirit of '94

Although the Packers' 1994 navy and gold throwback uniforms haven't actually been worn by the Bays since the their brief appearance sixteen years ago, they tend to pop up in merchandise from time to time.

The first such example of which I am aware is this throwback jersey manufactured by Philadelphia-based "nostalgia company" Mitchell & Ness, still available from the Packers Pro Shop.

A couple years ago they made an appearance in Madden '08 as an alternate, with the addition of "TV numbers" on the shoulders:

In 2006, a toy company named Art Asylum introduced a series of stylized 11-inch PVC action figures, including one of Brett Favre in his home green jersey. The following year they created three alternate versions of the Favre figure, including one in his 1994 throwback.

Couple interesting things about this figure - the towel at his waist bears the Packers' 75th Anniversary logo, meaning Favre would have worn it in 1993, not 1994. And his gray/green pants are closer to the minty green of the 1950 Bowman card series than either the gold pants originally worn by the team or the canvas-colored pants of the 1994 throwback.

That same year, Gracelyn Toys added a throwback Favre to their line of articulated 4" action figures. This time, they got the pants right:

Clearly, there's an interest in this uniform. Maybe it's the novelty factor, seeing the Green Bay Packers without any green. Maybe it's just the general throwback mania. But whatever the reason, I'm glad to see them remain in the public eye.

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