Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Packers v. Cardinals, way back when. Again.

We've recently seen some great color photos of the Packers' in their short-lived green and gold uniforms from 1935 and 1936, to which I'd like to add this action shot.

This rare game photo shows the Packers facing off against the Chicago Cardinals at old City Stadium on September 13, 1936:

Off-tackle power play (above) gains ground for the Chicago Cardinals against the Green Bay Packers. The Cardinals, wearing light-blue pants and bright-red jerseys, have made a big hole for Al Nichelini, No. 43, their fast ball-carrying back. Harry Field, No. 31, Cardinal tackle, is cutting back toward the center of the line to block the Packers backfield men.
Nichelini's running wouldn't be enough to carry Chicago to victory - the Packers fought them on the ground for a 10-7 win.

Those helmets are interesting - I haven't seen many photos of the Packers wearing contrasting leather stripes. the Packers' leather helmets were usually one solid color, either natural leather (particularly in the 1920s) or painted gold. This seems to have been a short-lived style, like these uniforms themselves.

Hat tip to Tom Farley, who originally posted this photo on the ever-indispensable Uni Watch blog.

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Tom said...

That photo is such a thing of beauty. It makes me thankful that they didn't have the telephoto lenses of today, because we get a sense of what City Stadium looked like back then, too.