Monday, February 22, 2010

Rumor mill - throwback uniform in 2010? (UPDATED)

Surprising news out of the Uni Watch blog this morning:

NFL News: A little birdie who’s in a position to know sent me some NFL tips the other day. I can’t confirm any of it, but I feel the info is solid enough to pass along, with the proviso that it’s all subject to change:
I got a memo mentioning new third jerseys for the Packers and Colts. The memo also mentioned “updated” third jerseys for the Cardinals, Eagles, Patriots, and one other team (I think it was the Bears, but I’m not positive).

Based on something I saw earlier, I’m almost certain the Packers will be wearing 1929 throwbacks. Those are dark blue jerseys with a dark blue numeral inside a gold circle over khaki pants and dark blue socks. Of course, per today’s uniform standards, the circle and numeral on the front would be much larger, and I believe the style guide showed a solid brown helmet with gray mask to simulate the leather ones some players wore in 1929. It’s gone from the server now, however — I guess I’m lucky I saw it.
So there you go — completely accurate, authoritative information. Unless it’s not.

If true, this would be a very unusual move for the Packers. They've done plenty of throwbacks over the past fifteen years, but only to commemorate special events. With this, they would join a growing group of teams who wear throwback looks as their regular alternate uniforms. The Jets, Buccaneers, Vikings, Steelers, Bills, and Falcons all have adopted them in recent years, joining the Lions and Cowboys, who have worn them on and off since the NFL abandoned the "Thanksgiving Classics" throwback promotion.

And under the NFL's current guidelines, they wouldn't be able to introduce another alternate until 2016.

UPDATE: Fox 11 in Green Bay has picked up on the story:

Packers in blue jerseys?

Team wants to add official third jersey to lineup

Updated: Monday, 22 Feb 2010, 6:40 PM CST
Published : Monday, 22 Feb 2010, 4:37 PM CST

Reporter: Lou Hillman

GREEN BAY - They may be the "Green and Gold" but the Packers haven't always worn those two colors.

"We've had a lot of different uniforms and colors," said Mark Murphy, the Packers President and CEO.

On Monday, Murphy confirmed with FOX 11 that the team wants to have a historical throwback jersey for some games next season. It would be the Packers official third jersey.

"I think one of our biggest advantages as a team and an organization is the history that we have and I think this is really a chance to enhance that and celebrate it," said Murphy.

Some think they already know the Packers pick.

According to , a Web site about jersey-related news, it will be the 1929 "blue" one. In fact, the Packers unofficial nickname used to be "the blues."

So is that the plan?

Murphy told FOX 11 the team is not ready to reveal its plans.

"No, not yet," Murphy laughed.

Fans we spoke with say a throwback jersey is a good idea for the team.

"We have probably the most history of all of them, we probably should have one. Like I said, I wouldn't want to see them wear it every game but I certainly wouldn't mind a game or two each year," said Don Harms, of Sobieski.

"I had no idea until we came in here that they weren't always green if not green and gold until I saw this and I thought 'oh, we were blue,' it just makes you more interested in the past," said Bonnie Jeranek, of La Crosse.

You may remember the Packers played in the 2001 Thanksgiving game in their 1939 jerseys. The team also played several games in 1994 in their 1937 jerseys.

Murphy said the team is now looking to have something that it can use for several years, but there are NFL rules.

"You can have a third jersey, whether it's a different color or a historical throwback, and you have a 5-year window. Those are some of the details we really need to work out," said Murphy.

So will the green and gold, be blue too next season? The Packers say an official announcement is still months away.

There's our confirmation. This thing is a go.

UPDATE 2: Jeff Ash, of the Green Bay Press-Gazette's fantastic "Out of Bounds" blog, has also joined the conversation. He adds this colorized photograph of Johnny "Blood" McNally wearing the original uniform in question:

He also gave this blog a shout-out, which is always appreciated.

(updates h/t: Johnny O, Tim O'Donnell)


Tom said...

That is intriguing, isn't it Chase? I'm certain I'd like that proposal better than a gold jersey with the present-day uni. Every time I picture the combination, I realize why the Packers have never put the jersey on the field.

By the way, one of the other Packer blogs I follow, Packerville U.S.A., occasionally uncovers some gems, such as this shot of Roy McKay wearing No. 3 while Tony Canadeo was in the service:

It just occurred to me: This is from the game in which Don Hutson scored 29 points in one quarter. I don't think I've seen a photo from that game before.

Anyway, you're probably already following him. But if you're not, I figured you'd like to know.

Chance Michaels said...

Oh, I love his blog.

He comes up with some real gems. And he's ridiculously prolific.

Amber said...

Don't know if you saw this on Uni Watch today, but FOX 11 picked this up and had an interview with Mark Murphy.

They even mention UW in the article. Pretty sweet.

You are right though... this is very unusual for the Pack. Do I personally like it? To be determined. As long as they are "once in a while" and are historically accurate, I guess I won't mind. We have such a rich history in tradition, I guess it would be a nice way to educate fans who don't know it. (Like the woman in the Fox 11 video clip)

- Johnny O