Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going for the Gold, Part Two

After introducing the Packers' first gold jersey in 1923, Curly Lambeau re-designed the uniform for the 1925 season. He kept the gold base, but replaced the nine thin navy sleeve stripes with a navy shoulder yoke.

These uniforms were also kept for two seasons, before the Packers' sartorially mercurial founder reverted back to navy jerseys.

The yoke would return in 1937, with the blue and gold reversed, in Lambeau's most enduring uniform. Gold-over-gold uniforms wouldn't be seen again in Green Bay for nearly a quarter-century, when Lambeau's successor Gene Ronzani dabbled in gold himself.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this blog.... I"m a LONG TIME Packer fan who has never liked GB's present day uniforms.... that's not "gold" it's yellow.... and it's not exactly intimidating to be facing a bunch of guys whose legs look long bananas... WHEN are we going to bring back the GOLD to the green and gold?

Chance Michaels said...

Glad you like it, and welcome!

Just in case you haven't seen it, you might wish to check out this post - Ron Wolf felt the same way about the gold:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome! i plan to stay awhile and get caught up on things. Having watched a recent NFL films program on the merger of the NFL and AFL, I finally understand the Titan uniforms that Favre wore with the Jets two seasons ago....anyway, your interpretation of the changes that Harlan seemed to be proposing in 1993 are EXACTLY how I think they should look today. EXACTLY. Wouldn't those uniforms make them the CLASS of the entire leauge?

It makes me want to jump out of my skin when a team like GB, which treasures tradition as much as any club in the league, continues to wear those over saturated yellow colours. I can't stand it! It's nice they'll be going with a throwback uniform for a couple of games this year, but when will we have LASTING changes to the 80's inspired yellows?