Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ring's the Thing

The Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame has a couple of very cool new additions—legend Bart Starr has donated four of his World Championship awards - three rings and a watch—plus a charm necklace worn by Cherry.

The necklace is interesting, holding ten charms; one for each of Bart's NFL titles, one for each Super Bowl (a rare case of "doubling up those two seasons), one for his selection to the Hall of Fame in Canton and one commemorating his being listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities.

Outstanding, as is Bart's collection of rings.

This gives us a unique look at a players' mementos. Starr has mounted the three rings—1961, 1965 and 1966 (Super Bowl I)—on a plaque which hung in his study.

The watch he was given for winning the 1962 World Championship was not on display at the press conference. For now, Starr is keeping his 1967 Super Bowl ring (he wears it in public); but expects to eventually donate it as well, for all football fans to see and enjoy.

"Bart and I were going on a trip sometime ago and every time I left the plaque was hanging in his study with the rings on it and I felt very uncomfortable about leaving our house and having that very vulnerable on the wall, and my necklace was at home too. And I thought this isn't good. Not that many people didn't get to enjoy it - people did come in from time to time - and I thought what a great thing if thousands of people could enjoy seeing these rings and my necklace."
–Cherry Starr

A very classy move from a very classy couple. I personally consider Starr the single greatest living Green Bay Packer.

(photo credit: Corey Wilson/Green Bay Press-Gazette)

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