Monday, March 21, 2011

Unexpected Consequences

Graham Roberts/The New York Times

The Packers have been uniquely positioned to ride out the NFL lockout. The team has a stable coaching staff, established game plan and is expected to get even better when the starters injured in 2010 return to the field.

That is not to suggest there are no complications for the Packers. One of the surprising ones is their Super Bowl rings have been put on hold.

The New York Times, in an article on the Super Bowl champs' response to the lockout, notes:
Mark Murphy, the team's president and chief executive, said many planned events had been postponed because of the lockout.

The Packers, for example, have yet to accept an invitation to the White House, since team leaders did not think President Obama would want to welcome only Packers executives and coaches. They have not ordered their Super Bowl rings because they want to consult with the players, whom they are prohibited from contacting during the lockout.
Interesting that the players will have input on the design process.

This also means that Packer fans can still make their voices heard. If you want a shareholder ring, let the team know.

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