Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1962 World Championship Ring? (or 1961?) (UPDATED)

Continuing our quest to catalog all of the championship jewelry won by the Green Bay Packers, we have another ring issued to scout Lew Anderson and sold at auction by Sotheby's in New York.

The face has the same basic elements as the 1965 World Championship ring, except oval in shape. Same green stone, uses a football shape, topped with a diamond, and a similar inscription around the perimeter. Extra points for the informal "CHAMPS".


The first shank features a classic Packers logo, with an unidentified player superimposed over the state of Wisconsin with the Packers' two homes—Green Bay and Milwaukee—marked by stars. Variations on this image pre-date Lombardi, going back at least as far as the 1950s, and serve as the forerunner of the iconic logo he would eventually adopt.


The other shank offers up a simple "NFL" block letter design over another football. The empty scroll is interesting - the 1965 championship, Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II rings all put the scoreline above the NFL logo. Wonder why it was omitted from Anderson's ring?


From the auction catalogue:
LOT 61


20,000—25,000 USD
Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 13,750 USD


Anderson's ring is embossed "Green Bay Packers World Champions 1962" around a Packer green football shaped synthetic stone, with one diamond, set in a white metal bezel, approximate total .21 carats, embossed on one side reads "Lew Anderson" and "NFL'" stamped "Josten 14K" inside. In 1962, the defending champion Packers and Giants played a rematch in the NFL Championship Game. The title game, played on December 30, 1962 at Yankee Stadium, featured two of the NFL's powerhouses, boasting seventeen future Hall of Famers. However, 40 mph winds and 13 degree temps kept the high flying offenses on the ground. In the third quarter, the Giants cut the Packer lead to 10-7 on a blocked end-zone punt. But the Packers prevailed on the surprising foot of Jerry Kramer and the determined running of Jim Taylor, defeating the Giants, 16-7. "That was the hardest football game I ever played in," is how Packers' Hall of Fame halfback Paul Hornung described the win. The victory marked the Packers' second straight league title, Lombardi's dynasty in the making. The ring shows minor wear. Size 12.
That's four of Lombardi's five championship rings, leaving only the 1961 yet to cover.

UPDATED 04/03/11:     Speaking of the 1961 ring, this appears to be it.

Bart Starr never received a ring in 1962, only a watch. Perhaps only players and staff who didn't get a ring in 1961 were given one in 1962.

This Josten's ad from a 1967 program, featuring the 1961, 1965 and 1966 championship rings, indicates that players' numbers were enscribed on the football below the State of Wisconsin logo.

Look at the image on the left:

Same as this 1962 ring. Strange.

UPDATED 06/14/11:     Mark Schneider of GLORY DAYS Sports Pub in LaCrosse, WI, offers some insight:
Chance- none of the players I know ever got 1962 rings and none of the Packers media or photos ever show a 1962 ring. I think Lew Anderson's ring was special order and probably not by the team.


Will Sentowski said...

Beautiful work. Can't wait to see the XLV design.

BTW, the Bradford Exchange people have their own XLV rings available...don't think I'll be able to resist!

Chance Michaels said...

Thanks - I've updated an old post with it:

John said...

Hey Chance... have you see this?

They say it was non-issued, and in perfect shape. You think it's legit?

Anonymous said...

Have you done the article yet on the 1961 ring??

Chance Michaels said...

There's a twist to that - keep watching, we'll be talking about 1961 soon.

mforester said...

My dad played on both of these teams. The ring at the top of the page is the 1961 ring not 62. A watch was given the following year for the 62 championship.

mforester said...

My dad played on both of these teams. The ring at the top of the page is the 1961 ring not 62. A watch was given the following year for the 62 championship.