Thursday, June 2, 2011

1962 Championship Watch

This picture of Lombardi-era Championship jewelry gives us an interesting look at the spoils of victory.

Packerville, U.S.A.

This picture was taken from a four-color booklet given to prospective free agents in 1985, encouraging them to consider playing in Green Bay. Filled with facts about the city being a wonderful place to live and play, the booklet leans very heavily on the great Packer tradition, including this great image of the trophies former Packers had earned in the past.

From left, the rings are from 1967 (Super Bowl II), 1961, 1966 (Super Bowl II) and 1965. The watch in the middle is from 1962.

But wait - a watch? Wasn't there a ring issued for the 1962 World Championship? We've seen one before, from the estate of scout Lew Anderson. It appears to be the same design as 1961.


It's possible that the 1962 rings were issued to personnel who weren't on the previous year's team. I'm having a hard time establishing if Lew Anderson had been with the Packers in 1961.

If the '62 ring was the same as '61, then it would make sense that anyone who already had a ring would be given a watch instead. We know that Bart Starr was given a watch, not a ring, in 1962.

Watches as personal trophies were nothing new - the 1929 Packers, first to "bring the bacon back to old Green Bay", received pocket watches from the team.

(Heritage Auctions)

I love the design of the 1962 watch.

Packerville, U.S.A.

The single-bar helmet graphic is wonderful, even if they did manage to reverse the colors on the helmet logo.

So that sums up the Lombardi-era championship jewelry; a ring in 1961, a watch in 1962 (or a recycled '61 ring), rings again in 1965, 1966 and 1967. Plus an assortment of charms, tie clasps and cufflinks. Not a bad haul.

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Anonymous said...

My 1962 Championship Watch was awarded to my father Ron Kramer. Origionally came with a brown alligator band and has a white face. The back casing is engraved with the players name and score.