Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sneak Peek - 2010 Season Ticket Holder Ring

I previously mentioned that the Packers Pro Shop sent me this ad for the Super Bowl XLV jewelry collection:

A similar email was forwarded to me by a friend who is lucky enough to be a season ticket holder.

Similar, but with a few key differences. In the upper- and lower-left corners, we have our first look at the Season Ticket Holders ring.

The bezel appears to be identical to that of the shareholder ring, with the inscription at the bottom naturally changed from "SHAREHOLDER" to "SEASON TICKET HOLDER".

I can't tell much about the shanks from this picture; they appear to be the same as the shareholder ring, with a name on one side and the Packers' stencil wordmark on the other.

I'm still hoping to get a good look at the shanks - if you have access, please drop me a line.

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