Monday, June 20, 2011

2010 Fan Rings

We've looked at the Super Bowl XLV player rings and shareholder rings, today we're going to take a look at the rings available to all fans.

The Packers are currently offering three options for men; the "Super Fan Ring", "Deluxe Fan Ring" and "Ultimate Fan Ring".

Super Fan Ring
The "Super Fan Ring" is the simplest and lowest-price of the three. No stones other than the green one behind the "G" logo.

The bezel is simple and bold.

The right shank features a customizable name over Lambeau Field. This is a different view of Lambeau Field than that on the players' ring, more of a profile.

The left shank displays the Super Bowl logo under an arched "TITLETOWN".

The Super Fan Ring starts at $249 for White Lustrium and goes to $1699 for 10k White Gold.

Deluxe Fan Ring
The next level up is called the "Deluxe Fan Ring."

The bezel is similar to the Super Fan Ring's, except with thirteen stones on the "G" (one for each World Championship) and two to each side, replacing the year.

Four stones for four Super Bowl victories?

The right shank is identical to that of the Super Fan Ring.

The left shank has the Super Bowl logo and the year.

The Deluxe Fan Ring is $299 for White Lustrium and cubic zirconia, topping out at $1999 for 10k white gold and diamonds.

Ultimate Fan Ring
The final of our three fan rings for men is the "Ultimate Fan Ring". It retains the same basic format as the other two, with the addition of more stones.

I get that the four stones are for the four Super Bowl wins, but if there's a meaning behind the other number it escapes me. Six above, six below. Twelve stones for the twelve titles before this one? Doesn't make much sense. Must be simply decorative.

The right shank is once again identical to the other two rings.

The left shank displays, once again, the Super Bowl logo and Lombardi Trophy under a straight "TITLETOWN" banner, surrounded by four stones.

As strange as the concept may seem, this one's officially overkill. We already have the four stones/four titles referenced on this ring. Jostens didn't seem to mind blank space on the shank on the other rings, why add them now? Perhaps they felt a need to "bling up" this one, to make it truly "Ultimate."

Pricing on the Ultimate Fan Ring begins at $299 and goes up to $1999.

I wonder how long these rings will be available for purchase. The Packers will be reigning World Champs for the next seven months; would Jostens keep them around as long as Christmas?

Ring photo credit: Jostens


Anonymous said...

The 12 stones represent "you" the fan as the 12th man. Thats my guess.

Matt B

Lombardi Chick said...

My brother is getting the Ultimate Fan Ring. He should have it in about a week - I'll stop back and let you know how it looks, if you'd like to know.

SoCalPackFanFromWi said...

Got my deluxe fan ring with cubic Z's in white lustrium earlier this week. The ring is gorgeous. Looks just like the pics on Josten's web site. Can't stop looking at it. Only down side is that it doesn't fit the finger that I intended it for. I suggest getting a slightly larger size than you normally wear because this ring has a very wide shank. I'm wearing it in place of my wedding band for now. Awesome ring!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested in hearing about the Ultimate Fan Ring. I just ordered my UFR and am extremely excited to see it. It looks like it's going to explode with bling, the Lustrium looks very nice and the CZ's will undoubtedly look awesome.

Let us know what it looks like in person, how big it looks (I know they're not as large as the sharehold/season ticket holder rings) how it looks in the light, etc, etc, etc!


TFPipes said...

Definitely let us know how it looks in person when you get it! I just ordered my Ultimate Fan Ring and am stoked - coming in Lustrium and CZ's but am expecting both to look fantastic in the light, and from the photos online it looks like it has a lot of bling. How big is it in person? Can't wait to show it off to all the Raider fans out here who work with me! Originally from WI but transplanted to SF a few years back. GO PACK!!!

Unknown said...
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Tommy said...

I was disappointed they didn't have any rings that could fit on your finger that looked like the real rings. So I skipped over the fan rings and bought a "paperweight" ring which is a giant-sized version of the real ring.