Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2010 Season Ticket Holder Ring

Here it is - the final men's ring from the 2010 World Championship Collection.

Available only to season ticketholders, this ring is almost identical to the shareholders ring. The bezel is of the same design, with only the three words "SEASON TICKET HOLDER" separating it.

The left shank is also identical to the shareholder ring, with the Super Bowl logo (including the Lombardi Trophy) under the team's stencil wordmark.

The right shank has a customizable name and the year above and below, with the words "GREEN BAY SEASON TICKET HOLDER" in place of the shareholder logo.

Very clunky.

Overall, I like these rings. I appreciate the fact that they incorporate yellow gold around the logo (as do the players' ring) where the fan rings do not.

I can't help but wish that these rings had incorporated Lambeau Field. That's one area in which the fan rings have a clear advantage over the "insider" rings. It would have especially helped this season ticket holders' ring.

Ring photo credit: Jostens

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Anonymous said...

well - I LOVE my shareholder ring - but whole heartedly agree on LAMBEAU not being part of the ring. Growing up there (in Green Bay - at Lambeau) it would have made the ring PERFECT!