Monday, June 13, 2011

1996 Shareholder Rings

Reader Mark Schneider of GLORY DAYS Sports Pub in LaCrosse, WI, comes through with pictures of the rings offered to fans in 1997.

We start with a look at the stockholder rings.

(Mark Schneider)

The stockholder rings had the same shanks as those issued to team staff (including the Board of Directors).

It's also interesting to note that the rings were slightly changed before production - compare the Packers' "G" logo on the photo above with this example, sold at auction earlier this year.

(Hunt Auctions)

The prototypes feature a simple Packer "G" against a green stone, while the production ring proudly displays the full logo, complete with outline.

There was also a pendant version of the ring's bezel, as we've seen going back to the 1960s.

Mark also gives us a look at the "Official Fan Collection", available to all Packers fans everywhere.

(Mark Schneider)

Fans not lucky enough to own stock (this was a year before the most recent offering, which added 106,000 fans to the ownership ranks) were still able to buy their own ring. As with the stockholder rings, it was available in a Mens, Ladies and Pendant version. They also offered a charm bracelet that would make Cherry Starr proud.

The "fan collection" rings were priced at $500 and $550, respectively. The stockholder ring page doesn't have a price list, but Mark remembers them as being "$300 more" than the fan rings. Membership may have its privileges, but it's also pretty expensive.

Personally, I like the fan ring bezels better, with the full team name stamped out instead of just the nickname.

If jewelry wasn't your thing, the Packers still had collectibles for you, with a full line of keyrings, watches, wall hangings and desk ornaments.

(Mark Schneider)

It will be interesting to see how this compares with the upcoming "exclusive collections made for shareholders, season-ticket holders and fan collection".

The Packers' private ring ceremony is only three days away, so at least we'll see the players' ring design soon. As Mark notes:
Hopefully, they are sending brochures out for stockholder and fan Super Bowl XLV rings as we speak.
Can't wait.

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Mike Halasi said...

Just picked up a 1996 Stockholder ring at Card & Coin in Green Bay, was there less than two weeks! Definitely a keeper!!