Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eat Your Wheaties, 2010 Edition

General Mills has unveiled its Super Bowl XLV commemorative boxes. Since 1934, the Wheaties box has celebrated the most notable athletes of the day. This year, there are two. Aaron Rodgers graces the regular Wheaties cereal, and Clay Matthews is featured on the new Wheaties FUEL.

These will be available only in the state of Wisconsin, starting in about a month's time. Those outside of the Badger State will have to resort to local connections or eBay. Or you could buy them directly from the Packers Pro Shop ($69.95 each, including display case).

The player choice is interesting. Matthews and Rodgers are linked as symbols of the Super Bowl-winning team. One representative of the offense, one of the defense, similar to the Favre/White dynamic of the 1990s team.

The picture of the two of them standing on the platform, wearing white t-shirts and surrounded by falling confetti, is one of the defining images of Super Bowl XLV. It has been reproduced on any number of commemorative volumes.

So remember, Wisconsinites: eat your Wheaties!

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