Friday, September 9, 2011

High 5 for Opening Day

Last night, the NFL opened its 2011 season with a game hosted by the reigning World Champions at Lambeau Field.

As part of the pre-game ceremony, a legend from each team gathered on the field, hoisting their team's colors at the end of the tunnel.

And who was chosen to be the standard-bearer for the Green Bay Packers?

That's right, none other than Vince Lombardi's field general, Mister Bart Starr.

I couldn't help but notice the replica jersey he's wearing. See anything interesting?

His jersey features a straight-5, similar to those worn by the Packers in the late 1970s. Not that the replica goes back that far, but until recently it was not uncommon for teams to use stock fonts for replicas, regardless of what the teams actually use.

Then again, the "NFL EQUIPMENT" patch was added at the same time that Reebok overhauled its replica program, among other things standardizing the number fonts. So it's possibly an old replica with that patch added.

Starr wasn't the only Packers alum wearing a jersey. Former linebacker Chris Gizzi, who as an Air Force Academy graduate was a reservist in 2001, recreated his triumphant run onto the field before the first game after the 9/11 attacks.

His jersey has the correct numbering. That's what the NFL somewhat inauthentically refers to as an "authentic" jersey. It's similar in cut and construction to those the players wear on the field (save those players who wear Reebok's super-stretchy new shirts). The elastic cuffs are a dead giveaway.

I wonder if Gizzi's jersey was made specially for the occassion, while Starr (who is obviously more likely to need a Packers jersey with his name on it) is wearing an old one repurposed.

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