Sunday, December 4, 2011

1962 Team Photo

The 1962 Packers, widely regarded as Lombardi's strongest team, finished their season 14-1, including the championship game against the Giants. They have been getting significant attention in recent weeks, as the 2011 Packers' winning streak brings their dominance to the minds of sportswriters and fans alike.

Many points of interest in this promotional photo, from Dad Braisher and Bud Jorgensen (here misspelled "Jorgenson") to the coaches in their "GB" caps.

There's also a numerical oddity, as cornerback Jesse Whittenton is wearing an older jersey with mis-matched numbers.

We've seen this before, with players wearing 1959 jerseys in a 1960 game. But my research indicates that the 1960 sans-serif numbers were only issued in that single season, which would mean the jersey Whittenton is wearing in the team photo is two years old.

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