Saturday, July 14, 2012

1939 Game Program

On Sunday, October 8th, 1939, the Green Bay Packers met the Chicago Cardinals on the field of Milwaukee's State Fair Park. Attendees could lay down fifteen cents for this game program:

We start off with some ads, and a 1939 league schedule.

Curly Lambeau gets the first entry:

It was truly a different world:
active in the insurance business when football doesn't devote all his time... which no longer is often.
Next up is assistant coach Red Smith, who besides being a longtime Packer coach was also instrumental in the Milwaukee Brewers minor league franchise of the early 20th Century.

Next up, we have the Packer squad, posing for photos in their white jerseys with green numbers.

And what would a football game be without a beer? We've already had Miller, now Pabst gets in on the act.

The roster for the 1939 Green Bay Packers included three future Hall of Famers: Don Hutson, Clark Hinkle and Arnie Herber.

"Johnny the Bellboy", seen here illustrating the officials' calls, was part of a longstanding ad campaign for Philip Morris.

The Packers won that day, 27-20, en route to a 9-2 record and their fifth World Championship.

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