Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something Good out of Chicago

Northwestern University unveiled its new Under Armour-designed football uniforms yesterday, featuring what I hope will become a new trend.

The uniforms restore Northwestern's eponymous striping pattern across the chest and on the sleeves. Not the jersey sleeves, mind you; no modern football jerseys have sleeves. The stripes proudly rest on the sleeves of the player's compression undershirt; black on the home jerseys and purple on the road whites.

Now, this isn't exactly a radical innovation. Regular readers will remember that Nike created something similar for Oregon State two seasons ago. That was a one-game throwback, however, and this is Northwestern's full-time uniform.

Longtime readers will remember that I've been advocating a similar solution for the Packers since 2009. The most common objections to my proposal involve either uniformity on the field (will all players wear compression sleeves, and if not how will this look?) and merchandising (will the replica jerseys have sleeve stripes?). It will be interesting to see how Northwestern handles both of them.

Come on, Nike. Don't let the new kid show you up. Time to make this a reality in Green Bay.


Tom said...

I'm a Northwestern alum, Chance, so I am proud to see my school take ownership of its own stripe. Stripes across the chest remind of the Army football unis of the '20s and '30s.

And yes, hear hear on the move of the sleeve stripes to the compression shirt. Here's hoping that continues.

CaffeineAddict said...

Sooo, how many players do you really think will want to cover up their biceps with all those neat tattoos? Not to mention this will not help staying cool in hot weather stadiums. I think it looks tacky.

Chance Michaels said...

I'm not terribly concerned about players being able to show off their tattoos.

Tom, I couldn't agree more. Northwestern should absolutely own their eponymous stripes.