Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Riddance to Purple Rubbish

The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new logo today.

Well, their enhanced logo, since the team insists it's not a logo change:
The Norseman has been the face of the Vikings franchise since the team’s inception in 1961, long exhibiting the history and tradition of the Vikings and our passionate fan base. That will not change. But beginning today, the Vikings have enhanced the team’s primary mark to give it a more natural and defined look.

Unveiled exclusively to Season Ticket Owners this morning, the sharper, bolder mark speaks to the direction the team is heading while still preserving the tradition of the Norseman. Fans will see from the side-by-side comparison that this is not a logo change. Rather, the enhancements simply give the mark an improved, more defined appearance.
The changes are subtle (I bet we'll continue to see the old logo in the media for years to come), none more so than the color. The Vikings, while keeping the same purple hue, are tweaking their gold to make it a little lighter. Guess they got tired of wearing the exact same shade of gold as the Packers.

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