Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Hagemeister Park, 1923

Neville Public Museum
This picture was taken in Joannes Park, where the Green Bay Packers practiced in 1923, with the photographer facing northwest. Green Bay East High School was under construction at the time and the far west end of it is visible on the right. The homes to the left of the old Hagemeister Clubhouse at center were located on Walnut Street, just west of Baird Street.
Here are your 1923 Green Bay Packers, photographed in their gold jerseys with nine thin navy stripes on each sleeve, and billed as the "state and northwest champions".

Joannes Park still exists today.

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Behind the players, and at the very right edge of the photograph, you can see East High School's new building under construction. That construction included a new sports field, which would soon be known as City Stadium and, beginning in 1925, would become the new home of the Packers.

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